Interim Coroners report finds Stockton woman died after bean bag rounds penetrated her chest

An interim Coroners report into the death of Stockton woman Krista Kach last week, has found she died after bean bag rounds penetrated her chest.

Ms Kach died in the John Hunter Hospital on Thursday night, following a nine hour stand off with Police, which ended with her being tasered and shot with the bean bags.

Officers were called to Mitchell Street at around 12pm, following reports Ms Kach was threatening people with an axe.

The bean bag rounds have been described as a less than lethal option by NSW Police acting commissioner David Hudson on Tuesday, who says they have been used 15 times this year without incident.

However, acting commissioner Hudson says in this instance, according to the Coroners interim findings, Ms Kach was killed after they penetrated her chest and hit her heart. 

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