Defect notices issued to vehicle during blitz at Stockton

Illegally modified vehicles were the target of a Traffic and Highway Patrol blitz at Stockton on Saturday.

Working with Transport for NSW vehicle examiners, police examined 32 vehicles on Saturday near Stockton Bridge – 22 of those were issued with red labels and grounded while the remaining 10 were given a yellow label and a specific time to drive home.

As well as the defects, police also:

  • conducted 125 breath tests with one male issued with a court attendance notice for mid range drink driving and driving while disqualified
  • out of 30 drug tests, two drivers returned a positive result
  • 3 suspended drivers were also issued with court attendance notices
  • 30 speeding infringements were handed out including a P1 driver detected at 83km/hr on Stockton Beach which is restricted to 40km/hr
  • 90 infringements for defects 
  • 40 other infringements including seatbelt and mobile phone offences on Stockton Beach
Some of the offences also included a 24 year old male from Queensland was issued a court attendance notice for hinder officer, intimidate officer and offensive language after threatening to run over a Transport for NSW vehicle examiner after his vehicle was issued with a red label.
A number of these vehicles were found to have significant rust in structural components and these vehicles had recently passed registration inspections.
NSW Police and Transport for NSW will conduct further operations in the coming months. They are reminding vehicle owners are reminded to ensure their vehicles comply with the design rules and current regulations.
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