Safer passage for koalas at Taylor’s Beach

Koalas in Port Stephens are now better protected from the risk of being hit by a car. 

Stage two mitigation works on Port Stephens Drive at Taylor’s Beach have wrapped up –

the $1.5 million-dollars worth of work has seen four kilometres of newly-installed fencing to prevent koalas from crossing the road directing them to a nearby culvert instead.

There’s also three koala grids to make sure they can’t get onto the road and 22 one-way koala escape structures along the fence line in case they do accidentally enter the roadway.

The project was initiated by Port Stephens Council who delivered the project in partnership with Port Stephens Koala Sanctuary, Koala Koalition, the NSW Department of Planning and Transport for NSW.

“Whilst these works enable koalas to safely access habitat without the threat of being struck on the road, it’s important to remember that we all have a part to play in keeping koalas safe from harm on our roads,” said Port Stephens MP Kate Washington.

“Motorists can do their bit by slowing down and taking care while driving within known koala hotspots, particularly at dusk, dawn and during the breeding season when they are often on the move.

“Our local koala population is iconic but in decline, so every single life we save matters.”  

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