Newcastle man accused of murder granted bail

The Newcastle man accused of murdering his fiancé almost 40 years ago has been released on bail.

Debra Campbell was 21-years-old when she disappeared from her home in Victoria in 1984.

65-year-old Peter Wetzler was arrested at his Cardiff South home in September this year and was charged with her murder.

It has been reported the 65-year-old faced the Victorian Supreme Court earlier this week where his lawyer argued he should be released on bail because the case against him was weak.

Police claim Wetzler was having a sexual relationship with another woman when Debra disappeared, but he claims the relationship was years prior – he also admitted he had an argument with Debra, but his lawyer told the court there was no evidence he was ever violent.

Justice John Champion agreed the case was weak and because the accused had no other criminal convictions, vehemently denied killing Debra, and given it could be another two years before a trial, he granted Wetzler bail.

He is allowed to reside in Newcastle but must return to Victoria for any court proceedings when needed.

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