Driver pulls dangerous stunt right in front of police on the M1 motorway

A driver has admitted it was “very silly” to do a burnout at high speed past police officers on the M1 earlier this week.

Police and multiple other emergency services including Fire and Rescue NSW and the NSW Rural Fire Service had one lane of the motorway closed at Freemans Waterhole so they could clean up after an earlier B-Double truck fire. 

Emergency services were using an absorbent to clean up some fuel when a Holden Commodore sped past doing a burnt out, accelerating and almost losing control, fishtailing all over the road. 

Police say the exhaust and engine were revving excessively.

It didn’t take long for highway patrol to pull the driver in his 20s over – when they inspected his vehicle officers found it was not complying with vehicle standards and had multiple non-compliant modifications. 

When police asked the driver why he pulled such a dangerous stunt, he advised police “It was very silly. I understand”.

The man from Argenton was issued with a Court Attendance Notice to appear in court next month.

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