Man found guilty after stabbing two people who allegedly broke into his home

The victim of a home invasion has been found guilty of stabbing two of the perpetrators as they went to leave his property at Muswellbrook.

He can’t be named for legal reasons, but the 25-year-old man claimed he acted in self-defence when three armed people turned up at his Dalwood Place home late at night on July 8 this year.

After a full days hearing in Muswellbrook Local Court on Monday, Magistrate Kevin Hockey told the man that his argument only covered while he was inside his home.

The court was told the victim got into a scuffle with the 48-year-old woman and 16-year-old boy as they went to leave, after he had been hiding behind a car outside.

He’ll be sentenced next month.

The two alleged perpetrators faced non-life threatening injuries at the time and are still facing charges connected to the incident in the Newcastle District Court.

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