Motorcyclists clocked at 200km/hr at Shortland

Two motorcycle riders won’t be riding on two wheels at least for six months after police clocked the pair going more than two times the speed limit at Shortland.

At about 6:40pm yesterday, Newcastle Highway Patrol detected two motorcycles travelling together southbound on the Newcastle Inner City Bypass at 160km/hr in a 90km/hr zone.

Both motorcycles then accelerated to about 200km/hr.

Officers stopped the duo a short distance away – the first rider handed police an expired licence and had an obscured number plate so in addition to six demerit points and a $2794 fine for speeding, he also copped $1158 in fines for his licence and number plate. 

The second rider was issued a $2794 fine for speeding. 

Both had their licences suspended for six months and their number plates seized for three months.

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