2HD/NEWFM Advertising Consultant

Job description: As part of the 2HD/NEWFM advertising sales team, the successful applicant will be responsible for finding new clients for our two radio stations and looking after the advertising for any ongoing regular clients that he or she develops.

Primary duties include prospecting for new advertisers, providing information and advice for prospective clients, including the preparation of advertising schedules and proposals, admin tasks related to record keeping and preparing briefs for the creation of advertising material. (Very thorough training in all of these areas is provided.)

No existing clients are provided, so you’ll need to contact businesses (“cold call”) to find people who want to attract more customers through exposure to our audiences. As you build an ongoing client base the need for cold calling diminishes significantly.

Hours: 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday. 

Remuneration: Retainer of $43,690 plus car allowance of $20 per day worked (approx. $48k total) plus superannuation, plus the opportunity to earn monthly commission.

The commission structure is built on hitting sales triggers that are realistically achievable, aren’t tied to budgets and don’t increase as you become more successful. Even so, if you can’t survive on the retainer and car allowance alone, please don’t apply. We’d rather have someone who can gradually build, rather than someone who desperately needs to achieve immediate results for financial reasons. Desperation can encourage people to do regrettable things.

Key attributes: Integrity; intelligence; a good head for numbers; comfortable communication style; a strong work ethic.

This position is most likely to suit an honest, mature person who is looking for a change to a more fulfilling career. We’re not looking for someone who thinks that they can “sell ice to Eskimos.” Our approach is to give honest feedback to businesses about whether it’s appropriate for them to advertise with us and, if it is, to advise them on how best to do it. The work is fulfilling because you have the chance to help these people achieve their goals and, as a result, develop a real sense of value in that area.

If you’d like to apply for the position, provide your resume plus a covering letter saying why you think you’d like this job and why you’d be suitable. This should be in your own words (i.e. not clichéd phrases copied from job seeker advice sites). This is an important part of differentiating you from other applicants. Quoting overused phrases (e.g. “works well in a team or as an individual”) doesn’t help me understand who you are or how well you communicate.

If you are having trouble with the above link please email your application to advertising@2hd.com.au with the subject ADVERTISING CONSULTANT.

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