Investigation into fire at Kooragang Island chemical facility underway

It was a busy weekend for local firefighters with a blaze at a chemical factory at Kooragang Island on Saturday night. 

A spokeswoman for Orica said at about 9pm there was a fire on the exterior of the carbon dioxide removal vessel which is in the ammonia plant at Kooragang.

“The operators immediately commenced the safe shutdown of the ammonia plant in accordance with the site’s emergency response plan.”

 The fire was extinguished with the assistance of NSW Fire and Rescue.

The spokeswoman added “there was no off-site risk to the community or the environment and there were no injuries. All relevant authorities have been notified of the incident.”

“There will be no impact on the supply of products to Orica’s customers.”

An investigation is underway to determine the cause of the fire.

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