Greens have a $25 million plan for cycleways in Newcastle

The Local Government election race is heating up with candidates releasing what they would do in their term should they get elected on December 4.

The Greens in Newcastle have released their $25 million plan for cycleways across Newcastle over five years which includes: 

  • Extending the ‘Copenhagen-style’ cycleway lanes on Hunter Street in Newcastle West through to Wickham Park, and beyond into Islington.
  • Construction of the Richmond Vale Rail Trail sections from Shortland to Hexham, and from Hexham through to Pambalong Reserve, Minmi and Fletcher.  
  • Building the cycleway links from John Hunter Hospital to New Lambton and to Wallsend.
  • Connecting the Mayfield precinct to key destinations and to the regional cycleway network.
  • Completing the City Centre to Merewether route through detailed design on the section from the CBD to The Junction.
  • Creating shared pathway improvements to University Drive at Birmingham Gardens and Warabrook Wetlands.
  • Improving linkages to the Fernleigh Track by connecting Adamstown Station to Newcastle West.  

“Newcastle is blessed with the topography and mild climate perfect for becoming one of the world’s top cycle-friendly cities. What we lack is the connected and separated cycleways infrastructure that would make cycling and active transport safer and easier. Separated cycleways are a relief for drivers who find it difficult navigating cyclists on the roads. Investing in cycleways will allow us to reap the impressive health and economic benefits of increased cycling, including healthier citizens, better air quality, less noise pollution and increased tourism,” said Greens Ward 2 candidate Charlotte McCabe.

C“Importantly, prioritising cycleways will be a key component of reducing the city’s traffic emissions. We don’t need to wait for affordable EVs to get from A to B with pollution free transport.”

Greens Lord Mayoral and Ward 1 Candidate John Mackenzie has chaired Newcastle’s Cycleways Advisory Committee for the past four years, during which time the city has seen remarkable changes in active transport investment.

“The combination of new safer cycleways and the incredible uptake of cycling during COVID lockdown has dramatically increased the numbers of the local cycling community. It has also created new demands for connecting key employment and shopping destinations and providing whole-of-trip safety. That’s why the Greens plan will build on popular existing cycleways, like Hunter Street cycleways, which will be extended along Hunter Street all the way to Wickham Park and beyond.”

Image credit: Greens Newcastle Facebook page

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