Hunter RSPCA, SES and Wildlife Rescue jump into action to save kangaroo stuck in a dam

Hunter RSPCA, State Emergency Service (SES) and Hunter Wildlife Rescue jumped into action yesterday to rescue a kangaroo that found itself stuck in a dam.

Nicknamed Jeremiah, the RSPCA said the roo wanted to know what it was like to be a bullfrog… so slid down the side of the dam and into the water. But, Jeremiah got stuck and couldn’t climb up the slippery plastic dam wall to get out.

Inspector Russell from the RSPCA suited up with a safety harness and climbed down into the dam to give Jeremiah something to calm his nerves, making sure to quickly swoop in to keep his head above water once he relaxed.

The Singleton SES crew and Inspector Russell worked quickly to put the kangaroo in a harness and as he snored away they lifted him up and out of the dam. 

Jeremiah was given a final check over to make sure he wasn’t injured and relocated to a sunny spot next to some shady trees until he woke up and hopped along his merry way.

Image: RSPCA Facebook page

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