Upgrades between Milbrodale and Putty make Putty Road safer

Safety upgrades to Putty Road are nearing completion after the road was severely damaged during last year’s floods.

Transport for NSW said the stretch between Milbrodale and Putty has been improved with shoulder widening to improve lane widths, resurfacing on curves, and installing more than eight kilometres of guardrail, more than one kilometre of motorcycle protection rail and improved signage.

Spray sealing was completed in November 2022, with temporary line marking to remain in place until the installation of rumble strips is completed in early 2023 – a reduced speed limit, lane and shoulder closures as well as stop/slow traffic arrangements will stay until that is complete.

The work was able to be done thanks to more than $2.26 million from the Federal Government and just over $444,000 from the NSW Government.

Hunter MP Dan Repacholi said it’s great that both levels of government can work together to get the job done.

“The Australian and NSW governments are committed to working together to improving journeys for motorists.

“The safety of road users is our top priority, which is why we are upgrading Putty Road with funding from the Australian Governments Road Safety Program.

“As the local member of a close-knit community any death in our town extends beyond the immediate family to the local cop who attends the scene to the community who sees one less familiar face around,” said Upper Hunter MP Dave Layzell. 

“Wider lanes will make it safer for truckies and cars to share this road and ensure motorists reach their destination and get home to loved ones.”

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