Adamstown Bowling Club forced to cancel outdoor live music

A dispute between Adamstown Bowling Club and a neighbour has allegedly hit boiling point over the weekend.

Manager of the club Matt Field has taken to social media to call out the behaviour, after one of his staff members was reportedly abused on SATURDAY, when an acoustic soloist was playing outside between 7pm and 9pm.

The conflict arose from the introduction of outdoor live music in 2022, when trading conditions were relaxed by the state government during Covid-era restrictions.

The latest incident has led to the venue cancelling outdoor live music on Friday and Saturday nights until further notice.

Matt Field says it’s not a decision they have taken lightly.

“How can one neighbour be responsible for the vibrancy of the Adamstown Bowling Club coming to an end? It does not make sense.

“Over $100,000 has been invested into live music at the club in the last five months. A study by the NSW Live Music Office has showed that that $100,000 generates three times the revenue for local business economy.

“So when one neighbour is responsible for bringing down the venue, we actually lose over $300,000 from the local business economy in five months alone and also sadly it is going to mean we lose jobs for the bowlo,” Mr Field said.

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