Two Men Arrested By Police At Wallsend After Tip Off

Two men will front court on Monday accused of a dozen charges between them, following a spate of car break-ins at Wallsend.

At about 2.40 on Saturday morning, police were flagged down by several members of the public and alerted to some suspicious activity in the area.

Officers then stopped two men – aged 22 and 39 – a short time later on Minmi Road for questioning.

A search of the duo resulted in cash, six mobile phones, IDs, keys, medication, syringes, tools, a box of ammunition and two knives being seized and both men being arrested.

Police will allege the items had been taken during car break-ins.

The younger man was charged with four counts of goods in personal custody suspected being stolen, larceny, enter vehicle or boat without consent of owner/occupier, enter inclosed land not prescribed premises without lawful excuse, possess housebreaking implements, and custody of knife in public place.

The older man was charged with goods in custody suspected being stolen, larceny, and enter vehicle or boat without consent of owner/occupier.

The pair were refused bail and will appear in Newcastle Local Court.

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