$1.7M improvement to campgrounds in Barrington Tops

A $1.7 million improvement to public assets in the Barrington Tops is now finished.

NSW National Parks and Wildlife (NPWS) have upgraded two campgrounds – Polblue in the Barrington Tops National Park and Gummi Falls in the Barrington Tops State Conservation Area.

At Polblue, the amenities block has been upgraded, new fireplaces installed, there’s improved road and pedestrian access and a number of individual campsites have also gotten a facelift. The Polblue Swamp track, an easy walk that winds through the unique, high-altitude wetlands of thenational park has also been improved as part of the upgrade project.

Gummi Falls now has two new amenity blocks, improved road and pedestrian access and the campsites have been upgraded and expanded.

NPWS has also installed three new, prefabricated concrete and steel bridges along Turbrabucca Road, as the original timber bridges had reached the end of their lifespan. Tubrabucca Road is an important connection between the Barrington Tops Forest Road and Pheasants Creek Road, for both visitors and fire management.

“These upgrades make it easier for a broader range of visitors to answer the ‘call of the wild’ and spend a night in the rugged wilderness of Barrington Tops,” said Emily Suvaal MLC.

“Investing in our Barrington Tops wilderness area is an investment in our community’s future. By enhancing campgrounds, walking tracks and road access, we not only create a space for nature enthusiasts to experience this unique area, but also boost local tourism and the economy.”

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