Tszyu to fight for national title in Newcastle

Adopted Novocastrian Nikita Tszyu will fight for the first Australian title of his professional boxing career in Newcastle on November 22. 

He will face reigning National super welterweight champion Dylan Biggs at the Newcastle Entertainment Centre where both Nikita and his brother Tim have unbeaten records following in the footsteps of their world champion father Kostya.

Tszyu is undefeated in seven professional bouts, the most recent against Jack Brubaker in August. 

He said at No Limit Boxing’s announcement yesterday he is confident he can take the title from Biggs.

“It’s exciting to be back here, it’s the arena that has the most energy. There’s something nostalgic about coming back here especially with the family history.

“I don’t expect this fight to be a walk in the park, I expect this to be a fight I get pushed in.

“I know my abilities, I know I can get the better of him. It’s my destiny to get this fight done and I see no way out for him.”

Dylan Biggs is also undefeated in his professional boxing career with 7 knockouts. 

The 21-year-old and Tszyu have met before, the pair sparred together a couple of years ago when Nikita was just starting out in his professional boxing career. 

Biggs managed to knock Tszyu down during the session, but he got back up and they kept going.

“I’ve been preparing for this fight for a long time. It’s always been in the back of my mind and I’m always trying to train to be a better version of myself rather than trying to be better than an opponent so this fight has been on the cards for a while and now its finally here and I’m ready for it.

“He’s probably one of the people that I see as a threat in the division and one that I see that I have definitely had my eye on for a while.

“There’s chinks in everyone’s amour, you’ve just got to find the right points to take in and work on yourself more so than anything. I’ll bring a better version of myself to this fight night on November 22.

Tszyu knows this fight will be a pivotal moment in his career.

“He got the better of me in a very early part in my career and gave me a very good lesson, 

“Each fight has its own experiences. in my last fight I got headbutted, and then got hit with a good shot so I got rocked and I had to learn how to recover pretty quickly. I’m very glad my grandfather forces me to condition my chin, my neck, everything, because I recovered pretty much instantly. 

“This fight is going to be a pivotal moment in my career, it’s going to be a defining part of my career where I go to the next level.”

Organisers said they are in discussions with local boxers to also feature on the card on November 22.

Tickets went on sale yesterday afternoon through Ticketek. 

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