Newcastle Jets officially up for sale

The formal sale of the Newcastle Jets has officially begun.

The club’s executive chairman Shane Mattiske has announced Kordamentha will conduct the sale process that starts today.

Newcastle has been kept afloat by four owners of rival clubs since Chinese businessman Martin Lee has his licence stripped in 2021. 

Those clubs will continue to bankroll the Jets until a new owner is found. 

Mr Mattiske is confident there is real interest in the club. 

“The Club is poised to continue its growth with in the A Leagues competition that’s growing engagement, expanding seasons and adding new teams and, along with the success of Australian teams, players and coaches on the international stage, it’s clear football has a great future in this region and nationally.

“We know that there is real interest in this club, as there has been in other A-League Clubs, including in the Auckland expansion licence, and we are confident that the sale process will be competitive with interest from around the country and from overseas.” 

Mr Mattiske thanked the Club’s current owners as well. 

“When they stepped in to support the Jets, the owners were focused on building stability, establishing growth and sustainability and finally to support the transition to a more permanent owner. Now is the time for the final part of that plan to take place. 

“Now we can confidently move to new ownership and a bright future.”

It’s been reported in the past that the price tag for the Club could be around $15 million.

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