The Montgomery Homes Newcastle Show is back for 2024!

There’s something for everyone in 2024 with 3 big days of Competitions, Animals, Educational Displays, Rides, Showbags and FUN including but not limited to the following!

  • THE OUTBACK EXPERIENCE presented by 2HD – Embark on an unforgettable journey into the heart of Australia’s rich history with The Outback Experience. Immerse yourself in the wild days of the Bushrangers as you witness a daring stagecoach robbery against the vibrant backdrop of a carnival, complete with camels, donkeys, and dogs.
  • HOT WHEELS STUNT SHOW – Prepare for an adrenaline-pumping spectacle as Hot Wheels takes center stage with their thrilling car stunt show. Watch in awe as gravity-defying vehicles defy limits, soaring through the air and conquering gravity, leaving audiences on the edge of their seats. It’s an action-packed experience that will leave both kids and adults revved up and craving more high-octane excitement!
  • ANIMAL NURSERY  – Step into a charming animal nursery at the show, where young and curious minds can meet adorable and friendly creatures up close. Kids will have the opportunity to pet and interact with a variety of animals, from fluffy farmyard friends to exotic critters, creating cherished memories of their visit. The animal nursery offers a unique and educational experience, making the Newcastle Show a fantastic day out for the whole family.
  • CENTRE RING ENTERTAINMENT – From the Outback Experience to the Hot Wheels Stunt Show equestrian events and so much more the Centre ring has something for everyone.
  • HORTICULTURE – Enjoy an educational display and activities about our region’s environment and be entertained by workshops and displays for all things home and garden. Whether it be planting your own vegetables, reducing food wastage, or creating a bee’s wax candle.

  • MULLET FEST – Where the mullets shine and the party’s at the back! On Sunday, 3rd March 2024, is a day of mullet mayhem. Registration kicks off at 10am, with judging at 11am. But it’s not just about the hair – it’s about heart. All profits support the Mark Hughes Foundation/Beyond Blue and various charities. Get ready for a hilarious celebration of diversity and laughter. Mullet Fest 2024 – where the mullets steal the show! .

  • DEMOLITION DERBY – an electrifying spectacle that promises to redefine your concept of racing! Get ready to witness the fusion of cutting-edge technology and sheer adrenaline as sleek demon-inspired vehicles compete in a battle of speed and skill.

  • HORTICULTURE – Delve into the world of natural beauty and precision at the horticulture competition, where green thumbs and garden enthusiasts showcase their floral artistry and gardening expertise. Explore a colorful array of meticulously cultivated blooms, breathtaking floral arrangements, and lush gardens that reflect the dedication and passion of our talented participants. The horticulture competition is a celebration of nature’s splendor, offering a serene and inspiring oasis amidst the excitement of the show.
  • COMMUNITY STAGE – Some of the best local talent will perform on the Community Stage throughout The Show, presented by Starstruck!

  • EQUESTRIAN EVENTS – Experience the grace and power of equestrian excellence at the show, where majestic horses and skilled riders come together to showcase their talent. Whether it’s the thrilling jumps of show jumping, the precision of dressage, or the heart-pounding excitement of rodeo events, the equestrian program promises a captivating spectacle for all ages.

  • MOTORBIKE STUNT SHOW – Get ready for a heart-pounding spectacle at the show with our motorbike stunt show, where fearless riders defy gravity and push the limits of two-wheeled precision. Watch in awe as these daredevils perform jaw-dropping stunts, thrilling jumps, and gravity-defying maneuvers, all set to the roar of powerful engines. It’s a high-octane performance that will leave you on the edge of your seat and craving more adrenaline-fueled action.
  • DOGS IN THE PARK – Watch in awe as our furry friends showcase their style in the Best-dressed pet competition, cheer on lightning-fast pups in exciting dog races, and be amazed by the talents of dogs competing in a thrilling dog trick contest. Explore interactive stalls offering the latest in pet accessories, food, and grooming products. It’s a weekend of double the excitement, so mark your calendars and join us for a memorable celebration of our four-legged friends!
  • WOW ENCOUNTERS – Embark on a fascinating journey into the world of reptiles at the show’s reptile exhibit, where you can encounter a diverse array of captivating and cold-blooded creatures. From slithering snakes to majestic reptiles, the exhibit provides an opportunity for all ages to learn about these remarkable animals up close, with educational demonstrations and hands-on experiences. The reptile show promises to be an eye-opening adventure that fosters appreciation and understanding of these incredible reptilian residents of our planet.

  • BONSAI – Embark on a miniature journey into the enchanting world of bonsai at the Montgomery Homes Newcastle Show! The Bonsai Club invites you to witness the artistry of cultivating these living sculptures, where each carefully pruned tree tells a unique story. Marvel at the delicate balance between nature and craftsmanship as our dedicated bonsai enthusiasts showcase their masterpieces. Whether you’re an avid bonsai aficionado or simply curious about this ancient horticultural art, the exhibit promises a captivating experience.

  • WOODTURNERS – The Newcastle Show is proud to host some incredibly talented woodturners at the show each year.

  • SIDESHOW ALLEY – Looking for a thrill and some good old fashioned fun! Head to Sideshow Alley and enjoy over 80 rides and amusements. Something for all ages!

  • SHOWBAGS – Purchase the most popular showbags in town, from Ninja, Princess Sparkle, Disney and Frozen bags.

  • MODEL TRAINS – At The Newcastle Show 2024 see the fun display of model trains. There’s plenty to see for train fans, old and young!

  • plus there’s art and cookery displays, markets and so much more! Check out what’s on below or check out the official Newcastle Show website …

Newcastle Entertainment Centre and Showground

Friday 1st March 2023 – 9 AM – 10 PM

Saturday 2nd March 2023 – 9 AM – 10 PM

Sunday 3rd March 2023 – 9 AM – 5 PM

Buy yours tickets here or [HERE] listen to 2HD all this week for the chance to win family passes to the 2024 Newcastle Show!
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