Local trial looking at diet supplement’s effect on respiratory viruses

Volunteers are being sought for a local study into whether a dietary supplement can protect against respiratory virus infections, including COVID-19.

The Hunter Medical Research Institute and the University of Newcastle is conducting the study and is looking at Lactoferrin’s impact on viruses, with early research indicating those taking the supplement experienced a reduction in respiratory tract infections.

Professor Lisa Wood and Dr Bronwyn Berthon from HMRI and the University of Newcastle are leading the trial looking for evidence of it’s impact on viruses.

“There’s been some previous work done on children and adults which pointed to a reduction in respiratory tract infections in those who are taking Lactoferrin supplements.

“We want to test if its effect on the immune function of older people, as we know that immune function decreases with age,” Dr Berthon said.

The LIFE trial is open to men and women, who are non-smokers, aged 50 years and over and requires attendance of a clinic twice during the trial for a short appointment for a small blood sample.

More information can be found on the LIFE trial website.

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